Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Hey Everyone.
The long awaited day has finally arrived.

Gutter Treasure proudly presents: GOTHAM.

The Batman fan art comic tells the story of a night in Gotham where The Dark Knight has no open cases to investigate and no villains to pursue. What goes through his mind on a night like this, how does he interpret this rare event, and what is really going on in Gotham on this night.



  1. "Gotham" is a brilliant comic - both Brad Lange and Gene Ocampo should take a bow for this work. The story is very well done and the art is beautiful - photo realistic, gritty and eerie, as Gotham should be.

    I especially like the Mad Hatter concept - Lewis Carrol is not rolling in his grave over this.

    Very much looking forward to more Batman work you guys do. ***** Five stars!

    Gavin, creator of WHITEHAWK

  2. Hi Brad and Gene,

    I just discovered this site (through Raging Bullets) and have to say I'm incredibly impressed with your work in 'GOTHAM.' As an aspiring comic-book creator based in Sydney like yourselves, there's something uniquely inspiring about quality seeing work like this.

    All the best with your future projects! I'll be sure to keep an eye out!