Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gutter Treaure Returns

We have been away for a while, as we neded to regain our energy after producing Gotham a few years ago. But we are back now, with our new project: "Alfred: Year Ones" coming very soon.

Alfred: Year Ones is the story of the significant one year periods in the Batman world from the point of view of Alfred. Chapter One shows us Alfred in his Pre-Wayne year, showing us the man that he was before becoming part of Bruce Wayne's life.

The style Gene and I are adopting for this project is more of a rapid shot style than what we did with Gotham. We will be keeping a low page count to each chapter and trying to get as much story in those pages as possible. Chapter One is 5 pages, with the subsequent chapters staying around that count too. We really hope you will like it.

Check back VERY soon to read Alfred: Year Ones, Chapter One. Thanks

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